Cosmología Física

This is a textbook on "Physical Cosmology" at graduate and postgraduate level. The book is in spanish and the publisher is Editorial Akal.

The contents, complementary updated contents, additional exercises, erratum and information for lecturers (including multiple options tests, etc) can be found (in spanish) here.

The Emission Line Universe

This is the book of the lectures of the "XVIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics", held in November 2006 in Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife. It is edited by Cambridge University Press. The contents, list of participants, a very beautiful poster, etc can be found here (click on 2006). Includes contributions of Grazyna Stasinska, Mauro Giavalisco, Stephen Eikenberry, Bradley Peterson, Daniel Schaerer, Piero Madau and Francesca Matteucci in a variety of subjects ranging from galatic objects to primeval galaxies and the metallicity evolution of the Universe.